Company Profile


Driving such a dynamic and creative project is not for the fainthearted. It takes true go-getters who have stared life’s single tracks overgrown with roots and rocks and low hanging foliage straight in the face loudly proclaiming, “Bring it on”.

The idea for Chainstay was born from a need to turn mountain biking into an adventure for the entire family, even with only one member as an avid biker. The need to make mountain biking accessible to everyone, and to have a mission dedicated to up to date information, coordinates, accommodation, facilities (catering to specific mountain biking needs) and so much more, was a project family man and project director Fred Brown could not resist. As a sporting enthusiast (especially the two-wheeled freedom of riding in the mountains) himself and career project coordinator, this venture was not only an exciting prospect, but a challenge that fit him like a glove. This made the Chainstay team a gear stronger and better equipped to turn South Africa into the Mountain biking capital of the world.

As someone who is passionate about ‘winning teams’, Ernst van Biljon was ‘n sure-fire must to help steer this vibrant and innovative idea right across the finish line. He’s learned firsthand that having a great idea will not guarantee victory, but that success will flow naturally if you have the right team. He is a very process-focussed person, and has worked in a variety of high-impact commercial environments. His need to combine the right processes with fun and great experiences, led him to cross paths with one of the other ChainStay mainstays, Johan Erasmus.

Affectionately known as the slightly wiser silver fox in the team, Johan Erasmus adds an intimate knowledge of Red Raleigh bikes and the wonder of “three speed gears” to the brains trust of ChainStay. He played an integral part in creating an integrated trail/accommodation matrix to cater specifically for the needs of mountain bikers.  His creative energy and zest for life in general made him the perfect cog in the wheel that keeps ChainStay spinning.

Rounding off the fantastic foursome is Mimi Finestone, formidable force in everything sport(s) related. A natural networker, Mimi is a public relations guru who has worked right across our beautiful country leaving a trail of successes everywhere she goes. Inspired by the freedom of the wind in your hair and the sound of nature in its purest form flooding your being, she knows firsthand what a powerful vehicle ChainStay will be.  It has the potential to  provide the perfect experience that will leave enthusiasts wanting to explore the absolute wealth of trails  our country has to offer. With a mountain of experience in PR, Marketing and Event Planning, including specialised sporting events such as the Great Brak Grabadoo – a great mountain biking event that has been pedaling on for 11 glorious years, she is the perfect link to make the chain stay strong.

Trails, not trials. That is the goal, the vision and the challenge.