Ramabanta MTB Trail


After 5km on the main gravel road towards Semonkong the patch branches off into the scenic Makhaleng river valley and the trail will follow the river for the next 35km. Initially on bridle path/single track with 2 carrying sections, then on a comfortable gravel road to Nyakosoba. Oh, did I forget to mention the "3 witches pass" before Nyakosoba? Its not the real name but after riding it you will know why we named it like this.

There you will cross the main road and follow another bridle path through the valley and up past the two Poppas (2 significant mountains with flat round peaks). This last section from Nyakosoba to Roma will require superior riding skills and most probably require you to descent next to your bike. This section is a notorious route of the annual Roof of Africa Rally for motorbikes and the descents are full of loose rocks. The rewards are scenic views into the lowlands and a fast run through a pine forest and across the plateau to Roma. Another tricky descent from the plateau and then you may call yourself a finisher of the toughest stage of the Lesotho Sky event 2011.

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