Semonkong Lodge MTB Route(School circuit)


Start at Semonkong lodge, ride out through town, 2 km outside town turn right on gravel road and climb 700 m over about 9 km. Top of pass drop down to a right turn at 3 way intersection. Good gravel road climbing to 3000 m, if you are from the coast you will be puffing here. Passing the Vodacom tower on your right (take your mobile, good reception) and ride on about 6 km. You will see the school clearly on your right. Drop down to the school and pick up the start of the track on rhs just before the school buildings.

Stop and have something to eat and take in the view,get your bearings. The Malatsenyane gorge is visible and your route is following the ridge line down single animal tracks. You will see a track leading over a neck from a valley far below you,that is where you are heading. If you are technically good you can ride almost the entire decent.

All tracks lead back to Semonkong, after climbing the neck the gorge is on your left and town is ahead, enjoy the ride back in, some knarly rocky sections. If are unsure push this piece. Rolling undulations all the way home into town. Not for the faint hearted. High country, weather changes fast, tell lodge where you are going.

Beware of the Amatolian mountain dogs, they are fond of going at bikes, pull a postman quick jump off, grab a rock and launch it at the beasts, they often attack in two, so look behind you as well, practice your klipgooi before hand.

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