Why ChainStay?

Get off the beaten track with ChainStay

Statistics don’t lie. All across South Africa, avid sportsmen and women are trading in golf carts for two-wheeled off road action, lush greens and the occasional bunker make place for dense woodlands and narrow single track pathways, and even the attire is changing from comfortable and breezy to tight fitting with functional headgear. Mountain biking is the new golf.

In South Africa, there are a myriad of trails, and no two are alike, making the experience of trying out different routes not only irresistible, but vital to the livelihood of any adrenaline-hungry MTB junkie. ChainStay is a network of MTB destinations that add value to the MTB experience, not only for the enthusiast, but also for the enthusiastic supporters who travel with them. With value-added services for the mountain bikers and their travelling parties, it is set to revolutionise the overall experience of this ‘new wave’ in adventure tourism.

The Chainstay platform will provide additional marketing opportunities and exposure of ChainStay accredited destinations, both locally and internationally. Existing resorts and accommodation destinations that offer the best of South African coastal, inland, mountain and forest experiences are already being incorporated into the ChainStay network.

ChainStay will have a strong social media presence. Mountain bikers are extremely ‘communityoriented’ and the opportunity of sharing experiences, uploading photos, showcasing new trails and simply ‘in the moment’ sharing will be facilitated even via smart phone uploading. In the past, a mountain biker’s adventure couldn’t start without a helmet, but with ChainStay, the experience of freedom and limitless opportunity starts when the portal is opened to www.chainstay.co.za.

Biking specific services, attractions, specials, benefits. New trails will be showcased as well as ChainStay accredited destinations.

  • Are you looking to expand your reach?
  • Are you in search of a way to promote directly to mountain bikers?
  • Are you on the lookout for a new marketing angle?
  • Are you pedalling for new feet to your destination?
  • Are you into nature, but not getting the green return?

With no membership fees for accredited destinations, isn’t it time that you take advantage of the MTB frenzy that has taken not only South Africa, but the world by storm? There’s only one place where you can confidently hang your helmet - ChainStay. That’s where.